Friday, July 29, 2011

Deathwatch: Brother Haydius

And I thought I'd be painting Lord Commissar Gerich. Ended up painting a Deathwatch Space Marine that I mentioned making a Kill-Team about long ago. In any case, I'm going to paint my Deathwatch marines like a Dwarf, crafting and painting them with 100% my best shot and will scorn at it if it ain't my best shot. Will work on them until I find them perfect enough for me and won't paint them in the assembly line like how I do for my guardsmen. Anyway, this is Brother Haydius, a veteran from the Scythes of the Emperor chapter. I'll post pics of him up first before elaborating about him more.

Brother Haydius is of the Scythes of the Emperor and had fought the Tyranids for many more times than he'd wished for. The Tyranids killed many of this battle brothers and he found himself alone without his most valued friends that he once called his brothers. Now all alone, the Chapter Master offered him a position in the Deathwatch, which he did accept gratefully and began to make new friends in the Deathwatch team he was joined up with, a multi-chapter squad of space marines. With his new position in the Deathwatch, Haydius is slowly beginning to recover from his mourning and sorrow, though the deaths of his old brothers still haunt him today. He is a Sternguard Veteran equipped with a Storm Bolter.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Some more cool things up here!

Tuck it in guys! Anyway, I'm here to blog about my works once again. I've recently had some exciting developments here and I was enjoying my time working away at these things. Mainly because it's my final semester starting next week and tomorrow's my registration. So what's the new updates with my army, well, I've found one complete old Leman Russ that was collecting dust in my box, so I decided to exploit that. What I've done is that I've added some accessories onto the tank like the communications installment, hunter-killer missile that's just for show and replaced the lascannon with the heavy bolter as the hull-mounted turret is glued in already so i had to saw the lascannon off. I wanted this tank to be an infantry killer. What's more exciting, I have another Leman Russ Battle Tank unassembled in my bitz boxes, so that would give me FOUR tanks as of now.

Not only that, but I've also been painting some Kasrkin Grenadiers as Inquisitorial Storm Troopers! I was painting them after assembling not one but three Dwarf Battalions and one Dwarf Cannon. Well, that was a lot of work, the Dwarfs are waiting to be painted and I will get to them when I can. For now, more of my Inquisitorial Storm Troopers. I've painted their armour in black with grey highlightings, the highlighting looks really blobby to me, but I can't get that perfect. I sorta like it as it is. I've made their clothing maroon. With the combination of these dark colours I can get the strong dark inquisition theme.

I've shown you a large portion of what I want to show by now. At this stage I want to show you another thing I did. Seen that I felt that there was no point giving a power fist to my commander, I decided to just give him a power sword instead. You remember Chen An? I gave him a power fist, now I cut off Peng Yun's arm off in order to give that power weapon to Chen An. This leaves Peng Yun without an arm, but I'll figure out something for him.

Now for the last part of the session, I've recently got myself a battleforce of Tau, which I hope to get on to soon, but I've also bought a new Lord Commissar not of metal, but of the new Finecast Miniature range. I must say that this resin model looks mighty impressive especially with the details! I really love this model I just don't feel like painting him! Just feel like leaving him as he is! But I gotta paint him. He will be my new Karl De Crux who will be renamed to Karl Gerich as a Lord Commissar of the 283rd Maonian Red Guards regiment.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Uncovered things

Hey guys! I've found out that in my boxes I have a squad of Ratlings that were undercoated and ready to paint. So i grabbed these guys to paint them because I was bored and I also wanted to paint before going through with either assembling a Dwarf Warriors regiment or begin Project Valkyrie 2.0. Well the Ratlings I've heard will be useful in 6th Edition now, given that squad leaders will become REALLY valuable. Well I've done a few more things here including the Ratlings and I've been on a photo session recently. Here we go with the Ratlings! Go Ratlings for the win!!!

Also here I've tried to do some camo patterns on the cloak of this Ratling. It turned out pretty good, but I think I've made a too strong of a wash on it. I used a wash of mixed Scorched Brown and Chaos Black.

Anyway, I've also been doing a few more things as well. Like the Deathwatch Kill-Team. I've made four Space Marines so far with them and I will not give details on who they are yet, but I've posted them up here. I'm sure you can guess which Chapter the Jump Pack Vanguard Marine is from though.

And also I've done some Tau Fire Warriors too... Here you go guys, something to look at as far as my Tau force is coming along. Now all I need is a Tau Battleforce and an additional two Crisis Battlesuits to make an effective Tau starter army.

Also going to post up this photo with both the Fire Warrior Teams together to see how it would look, so far pretty cool, but I need more Tau stuff to make a good force of Tau.

Anyway, I've been thinking about what I want to do next and I have made my decision. I'll assemble Dwarf Warriors to form a regiment instead of beginning Project: Valkyrie 2.0 because of a transportation reason. I'm going to move from Mid Valley you see and going to move into a new apartment and I need to move my 40k stuff around. It would be easier it the valkyrie was unassembled in it's own boxed set for transportation rather than trying to think about all this soft and care for a completed Valkyrie so I'll make some Dwarf Warriors instead, also because I want to work on a Fantasy army.

Anyway, that's all for now. I'll blog you next time