Friday, July 29, 2011

Deathwatch: Brother Haydius

And I thought I'd be painting Lord Commissar Gerich. Ended up painting a Deathwatch Space Marine that I mentioned making a Kill-Team about long ago. In any case, I'm going to paint my Deathwatch marines like a Dwarf, crafting and painting them with 100% my best shot and will scorn at it if it ain't my best shot. Will work on them until I find them perfect enough for me and won't paint them in the assembly line like how I do for my guardsmen. Anyway, this is Brother Haydius, a veteran from the Scythes of the Emperor chapter. I'll post pics of him up first before elaborating about him more.

Brother Haydius is of the Scythes of the Emperor and had fought the Tyranids for many more times than he'd wished for. The Tyranids killed many of this battle brothers and he found himself alone without his most valued friends that he once called his brothers. Now all alone, the Chapter Master offered him a position in the Deathwatch, which he did accept gratefully and began to make new friends in the Deathwatch team he was joined up with, a multi-chapter squad of space marines. With his new position in the Deathwatch, Haydius is slowly beginning to recover from his mourning and sorrow, though the deaths of his old brothers still haunt him today. He is a Sternguard Veteran equipped with a Storm Bolter.

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